About the project

Auditoire Energypolis

Description of the project

We are pleased to present the Energypolis Auditorium, created by the Projection Nouvelle Valais branch on behalf of HES-SO in Sion. It is an automated auditorium with a Leyard LED screen measuring 5.44×2.73 meters, equipped with Nexo LineArray sound system for uniform sound diffusion throughout the space.

An important aspect for end users was the simplicity of system operation. We opted for an AMX touchscreen with predefined functions so that a user unfamiliar with the room could use it without assistance. Several modes were configured: Conference, Videoconference, Cinema, Presentation. A motorized camera allows for videoconferencing.

Thanks to the simplicity and reliability of AMX’s SVSI technology, we can easily transmit audio and video signals over the computer network to the cafeteria. A Panasonic 98-inch screen (approximately 2.5 meters diagonally) and an ActiveAudio LineArray are used to rebroadcast the signals.

We thank the management of HES-SO, as well as the companies that collaborated with us on this magnificent project: SwissPro for the electrical part, Dini menuiserie for the wooden structure, the EFAR architecture firm, and the Valsmart technical office for their pleasant collaboration. A big thank you also to our team, always up to the challenge for quality achievements.