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Salle de conférence du CICG
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Description of the project

The International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG) hosts over 150 conferences each year from international, non-governmental, and private organizations. The FIPOI (Foundation for International Organization Property), owner of the CICG, entrusted Projection Nouvelle with renovating the audiovisual facilities of its largest halls.

The project took place in two phases, with the first phase in December 2018 focusing on halls A, B, C, and D, and the second phase in September 2019 focusing on halls E, F, 3, and 4.

To maintain its attractive position, the CICG aimed to increase its capacity, with a hall capable of accommodating up to 2200 people. Coupling of halls A, B, C, D, E, and F was achieved so that they could operate independently or jointly. These halls are equipped with a coupled simultaneous interpretation system, as the majority of conferences held at the CICG are international, with audiences speaking different languages.

Camera tracking, an audio recording system with indexing, and an almost 70m2 LED wall in hall 1, the largest fixed indoor LED wall in Switzerland at the time of installation, were also installed. Additionally, a wireless audio system with a mobile application for the hearing impaired is now available.

CICG clients do not want to be limited in organizing their events by technical issues. The quality of what we can now offer them in terms of conferences is truly impressive.

Jeremy Marie, Audiovisual Manager at FIPOI

This achievement was nominated among the finalists in two international innovation competitions. Projection Nouvelle was selected in the “Public Sector Project” category of the AV Awards and in the “Government” category of the Inavation Awards.

An article dedicated to this complex and highly technological installation appeared in the Inavate Magazine in January 2020.