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Salle Horizon de l'Executive Education HEC Lausanne
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Description of the project

During this period of pandemic, Executive Education HEC Lausanne, which offers continuing education to executives and professionals from around the world, faced the challenge of delivering high-quality courses, even remotely.

Executive Education HEC Lausanne wanted a classroom that could connect the professor and students in one place, whether they were in the room or remote.

The project confirmation was done in September, the tender was launched in October, and the project started in November, ending in December, with some adjustments in January. It was very important that the project be completed in a short period of time, which is why we chose Projection Nouvelle. We were confident they would be able to complete the project in one month, and that’s exactly what they did!

Thomas Rouaud, Head of Marketing & Sales at Executive Education HEC Lausanne

Projection Nouvelle didn’t just equip a classroom but created an innovative concept in collaboration with the client. The main display screen is no longer reserved for those present in the room, but for the speaker, who can thus have in front of them, in addition to the participants present, the participants connected online, as well as the chat and the list of participants. The camera with tracking allows the teacher to feel free in their movements as in a real classroom.

To ensure that the room is ready for use without the need for technicians, we also created a simple and intuitive graphical interface that allows launching pre-configured scenarios. Teachers just need to press a button and the setup works.

To ensure that the room is always in line with new technologies, we used open and adaptable technologies to future communication methods.

An article exclusively dedicated to this immersive classroom, detailing the requirements and technical specifications of the project, was published in the Inavate Magazine in June 2021.