Conference room

From small meeting rooms to large conference halls, we adapt to your needs.

Conference rooms

We equip conference and meeting rooms with the latest technologies to enable you to organize your conferences, seminars, or meetings under optimal conditions. The choice of audio and video communication equipment installed ensures ease of use and rooms ready for use immediately after installation.

Modular rooms

In order to allow for better use of spaces, we are able to develop modular rooms that are interconnected. In rooms equipped with simultaneous interpretation systems, it is possible to share the resources of interpreter booths between different rooms. This allows you to switch from several independently functioning rooms to a larger capacity room by connecting them together, all with extreme simplicity. The choice is yours!


We design boardrooms equipped with high-end furniture and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best meeting experience. We pay particular attention to the technologies used, without compromising on aesthetics and design. To achieve this, we install connected furniture with superior finishes, designed for multimedia integration. We also make every effort to ensure easy room operation and working comfort for all participants.

Huddles rooms

Huddle rooms, smaller spaces accommodating 2 to 4 people, are designed and furnished to facilitate collaborative work. Often equipped with video conferencing systems, these rooms encourage quick and spontaneous meetings.

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Conference rooms