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Whatever your audiovisual needs, Projection Nouvelle accompanies you from the beginning to the end of your project.


We develop lighting, sound, and visual solutions tailored to the world of entertainment. Our goal is to meet the needs of artists, musicians, actors, and other entertainment professionals to ensure their performance on stage.


Projection Nouvelle has extensive expertise in audiovisual integration in the field of medical education. Our technical team is capable of implementing technologies tailored to learning, such as the design and equipment of simulation rooms, radiology, and any other medical branch.

Control room

We design and implement display solutions for control rooms and supervision rooms that need to be operational 24/7. These rooms, where surveillance, command, and communication activities are carried out, require precision equipment capable of withstanding continuous use.


We develop high-end solutions for controlling your residence. Control lighting, sockets, heating, blinds, multimedia, and your alarm, as well as the cinema room, heat pump, garage door opening, and your pool with a single application on your smartphone and on touch screens placed throughout your home. Our exclusive solutions also inform you, through notifications, of the status of your pool (pH, chlorine, water temperature) and enable intelligent heating management.

Connected furniture

For each new room or during the renovation of an existing room, we carefully select connected furniture, serving the technical aspects by embedding the elements of your audiovisual solution. We choose meeting tables equipped with connectors, and easily adjustable to create more ergonomic and flexible workspaces.

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Whatever audiovisual solution you desire, we accompany you at every stage of your project.


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